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Give a big welcome to  Chris O’Brien and Reid Cox!


A native of Rhode Island, Chris O’Brien is an actor and a writer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He has a BA in English Literature from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. Chris writes webcomics, webseries, and recently finished writing his first screenplay. He also recently starred in Found Footage 3d. As an actor, Chris has many goals, such as getting to eat pizza for a part and playing a hockey player. He’d also like to play a role in any Rooster Teeth production.


Greenville, South Carolina born and raised, Reid Cox has been blazing her way through the independent film circuit. After studying film and theater in New York, the multi‐faceted Cox has made a splash in LA, having been featured in numerous films. She most recently appeared in the feature film “Cinema Purgatorio” as the quirky overachieving ingenue Brie Carrington. Reid can also be seen in the upcoming thriller, “CUT!”, the gritty feature film “Ashley”, the quirky romantic comedy “Cavemen”, and currently stars as lead character Lorimer in “Alongside Night”, produced by Kevin Sorbo.

And as a bonus, enjoy our photos of Elise and Kate.

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